Video from Burma: SHOOT ON SIGHT

Words are inadequate to describe some situations….this short video from Witness posted on You Tube (from Sept. 2007) describes the IDPs (internally displaced peoples) situation in Burma

To ACT NOW: Video advocates BURMA ISSUES travel deep into the jungles of eastern Burma to document one of the world’s most urgent and most forgotten emergencies. (The video was co-produced with WITNESS)”

For current info on the situation:

For other insights on how to advocate for those in Burma:

 and Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Other ways I’ve seen people help: getting a group together to make mother and child packs for the Good Life Club (, hosting a Run for Relief in their city or at their sports club ( can give you info on how to do this), having a concert and donating the funds, attend monthly meetings of the Seattle Burma Roundtable at the Greenwood Library on 1st Tuesday of the month for more ideas and action alerts, joining US Campaign for Burma

If you have good ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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