A stupid little post

In a world with big needs that need big solutions, this is going to be a stupid little post.  Maybe I’m depressed, or maybe I’ve been reading the news too much lately, but somedays the little tiny things I can contribute to make anything better seem so pathetically small I wonder “why bother?”  BUT, then I read something like this post I saw the other day on http://simplymissional.com/2008/07/29/what-is-standing-in-the-way-of-your-dream/ about “What Is Standing in the Way of Your Dream?”  And then I pick myself up off the mat, and am reminded again, as Chris Marlow says in that post, God cares a lot more about people in extreme poverty than I do, and that God’s heart is broken by the needs that are out there that we are all called to help meet.  

I was graphically reminded of that lesson a few years ago when I came home from work and walked in, and my husband (who is amazing!), had come up with a great idea on how to raise money to help support IPDs in Burma (where our hearts are connected to).  “Let’s do a food booth and sell chicken curry at the local county fair.”  My tired brain had two thoughts: a) Cool, a way to help, and b) Where’s the money going to come from?  Now, not being totally stupid, I decided to go upstairs and have a chat with God about thought B (the money issue).  While I was on the way up the stairs to go think about this, the phone rang.  My husband picked up and it was the attorney that had closed the deal on our house six or seven years earlier, and he said he was retiring, and, go figure, he owed us money.  The check was in the mail……he had sent us $800. (Jeremiah 33:3 paraphrased: “…while you’re still asking, the answer’s already on the way…..)  

After I quit crying,  jumping up and down and shrieking in disbelief and gratitude, I was left with the lesson–God cares SO much more than we do.  And if we will do our part, He’ll help us find creative ways to partner with Him.  The food booth did happen.  We had never done this (not sure we’d ever do it again:), but we worked with 40 volunteers from all parts of the community, some  who might never have met each other otherwise, and sold huge quantities of chicken curry at a local very country fair and were able to send $1800 profit to those who needed what that money could provide through World Aid, Inc.  A small thing, but I hope to never lose the reminder it provided to me….show up.  Do what you can.  Do SOMETHING!  Giving up or quitting is not an option.  We are blessed, so we’ve got to find ways to use our blessings to help others.  

Mother Theresa quote for the day: “We are called to do small things with great love”.  

God help us!

2 thoughts on “A stupid little post

  1. Great story – I think we all need a pick-me-up from time to time to remind us why we care so much and what we are capable of through God. I love the “DO SOMETHING.” It is easy to talk the talk, but it is much more meaningful to walk the walk on social justice. I saw both ends of the spectrum in school, at the SOA, and now in Ann Arbor. Maybe the DOERS will inspire those who are fully capable of doing in time.

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