A Nurse’s Work-Karen Community Support

Karen Community Support:  One of the amazing people we get to support through World Aid is a nurse who graduated from SPU a few years ago.  Some of the creative ways she’s been able to use her hard earned skills are highlighted in this report she sent…… 

Medical Support:
Medical and public health training              Field medic kits & materials for medics

Patient Care:
Receive serious cases evacuated from jungle   Care of patient and family throughout their recovery 

Women and Children Projects:
Support of widows and frail elderly   Encouragement to young women in leadership
Distribution of children’s Healthy Living materials

Karen communities stick together and help one another to face all kinds of struggles. Karen Community Support responds to the needs of the most vulnerable—the sick, women and children, and the recently displaced. In addition to support and training for mobile health clinics, over twenty patients from inside Burma were evacuated out to Mae Sot, Thailand last year. They were given long term advanced treatment and support during their recovery. 

 Hope amidst the hopeless — Uncle Nu Lay’s story

Meet “Uncle Nu Lay”. This 69 year old villager has 4 teenagers still living at home with he and his wife. He has had neck pain for a year and recently suffered a painful swelling lump. Most people believed he was going to die, and so nodded sympathetically and passed him by. A Karen leader and dear friend of mine met him and determined to help him—even if there was no cure. Together we sent him to the hospital, where they were able to operate to drain the painful infection he had. Two days later I found him and his wife (so disoriented in the city) quietly sitting on the hospital window sill, listening to the birds sing and the wind rustle the trees. He told me over and over how grateful he was to me and the Karen leader that we stopped to look at him, instead of passing him by. He spent one week recovering in Mae Sot, Thailand, then returned home with his family.

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