Waiting for freedom

Eighty-eight years after students first led the movement against British rule, the country’s current rulers are busy sentencing student activists to long terms in prison for continuing the struggle for freedom in Burma.”  (see article and picture below from  yesterday’s Irrawaddy)

Students mark National Day in Rangoon 1938
Students mark National Day in Rangoon 1938
Those who have spoken out, as always in Burma, are still suffering.  Zarganar, a popular comic, was just sentenced to 45 years, and Gambira, a monk involved in the 2007 protests was sentenced to 68 years.  Pastor Eugene Cho included some really good video clips on the situation in Burma and the history of the conflict in his post for today. 
As the picture above from the Irrawaddy demonstrates, Burma has been waiting for freedom and human rights for a long time.  The injustices continue.  US Campaign for Burma has a list of action steps you can do to help speak for and advocate for justice for those suffering under this illegal regime.

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