Where do refugees come from?

Refugees come to the US from many countries.  The US Department of Health & Human Services has a table on their web site that gives statistics of where in the country refugees have been resettled and where they have come from.  According to their web site, they came from 63 countries.  During the 2007 fiscal year the top 12 countries they fled from were:

  1. Burma                                        9776
  2. Burundi                                     4525
  3. Iraq                                             5474
  4. Thailand                                    4059
  5. USSR                                           4583
  6. Ivory Coast                                1605
  7. Cuba                                            2923
  8. Eritrea                                        1043
  9. Afghanistan                              418
  10. DR Congo                                   841
  11. Liberia                                        1576
  12. Vietnam                                      1550

From Burma during the 2008 calendar year, statistics provided by TBBC show that 17,172 were resettled to third countries during 2008 from the camps on the Thai Burma Border.  These refugees, who fled rape, forced labor, an illegal government who burns their village and takes their land, and other multiple human rights abuses were resettled in 10 different countries as follows:

  1. USA                             14,280
  2. Australia                       1562
  3. Canada                            637
  4. Finland                           283
  5. Netherlands                   144
  6. Sweden                            134
  7. Norway                             77 
  8. United Kingdom             29
  9. New Zealand                    24
  10. Denmark                             1

8 thoughts on “Where do refugees come from?

  1. Allison you sleever! Learn how to spell “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” then come and talk about it! one more thing! bare in mind, As the school has thought me that we are a nation will take over very soon and refugees are not a part of us they used to be just like you sleevers! and its their time to fled. Praise be to Allah Who will show you.

  2. the refugees come from their habitual country to other country or other state territory. they were threaten their prosecution

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