Roll Call of Angels

I love angels….not the cute little cherub type  guys with white wings or harps, but the real life practical kind who do all kinds of creative things to help refugees get resettled in our lovely metropolitan area:

Minhee: the “taking dinner to a refugee who’s not feeling well” angel

Kate:  the “tutoring girls, bringing friends, mentoring and networking like crazy, be back in June, helping a single dad, going to Goodwill to help organize a household for the newly arrived” angel

Mona & Rosie: the “cell phone translation, we speak your language (literally) and can help you communicate with others what’s going on in this new world called America and bring groceries and teach you where to shop and check on other issues, mentoring a family” angels

Jenny: the “set up getting girls in school, interact with and arrange ESL classes, take father to emergency medical appointments, get furniture that fits a really small apartment (loft beds are great!), check in with the family regularly” angel

Steve: the “translation by cell phone covering three different languages” angel

Dale: the “arranging tutoring schedule for all three family members” angel

Chad & Melinda: the “let me give you some books of bus passes” angels

My husband: the “you are welcome  in my heart and my home, I will include you in my life,  help connect you to a community of people, and take you on some adventures whenever I get a chance” angel

Eunice: the “doing creative expression projects with the girls and giving Dad a break” angel

Ginny: the “welcome to my house, let’s play soccer, balloon volleyball in the living room, treat you like a little sister, above and beyond expectations” angel

Janelle: the “take you to the aquarium with some friends to hold starfish and see Seattle” angel

Tina & Linda: the “Sunday School in your language, translation by cell-phone, welcome to America, we were new once too” angels

This list is not finished…will work on it some more later, but just some examples of creative ways normal average people can help welcome strangers, pick up where the job of resettlement agencies end, and sometimes entertain angels unaware….

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