31 Years Happy

The man I love
The man I love

Today is our 31st anniversary….I have had the privilege of living more than half my life with this guy.  Every couple has their love story, and their sad stories.  I’ve had time recently to think about ours, a lot.  The guy had me at “hello.”  The gentle eyes with the cute twinkle in them sucked me right in.  I was the church secretary, and he was new to faith and the church.  I watched, hoped and prayed for the first seven months he was there, that maybe something wonderful would develop.  I fell in love with him when I saw him holding Daniel, his friend Bill’s newborn son.  A guy who could look at someone else’s kid the way he so lovingly looked at Daniel like a precious treasure was a guy who would make an awesome Daddy some day.  (I was right on all counts!)  I got to be there the night he was baptized, meet Bob Olson, the halibut fisherman who mentored him, lived his faith,  and helped grow some of the wonderful common sense loving qualities in him that I benefit from every day.

Now we’re farther down the road on this journey, parents of three and almost grandparents.  Amazing how quick this all happened!  Our stories became our story, and I am grateful and amazed to get to share my life with him.  For the summer, he’s in Alaska, and I’m here.  Miles apart but still joined together as our shared story continues to get written each day….

Happy anniversary, Rich.  I love you.  It’s been an amazing journey so far!

( Pictures of the journey) (have to log into facebook to see them)

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