One Week Post Surgery

A week ago today, I was in the operating room about to have a modified radical mastectomy.  Today, I am home enjoying time off walking, napping, catching up on a massive pile of paperwork that somehow got ignored during chemo, and giving thanks to be on this side of the process.  I’m amazed how much energy not being at work and not being on chemo is putting back into my life!!!  Trying to focus the energy on healing and on loving the people I am SOOOOO blessed to have around me.

Tomorrow, I might get one of my drains out.  This is really exciting.  We might also get the pathology report back.  This is a little scary.  I don’t know if it will show anything different than the one after the biopsy, but it was the next big milestone on the journey.  There’s still 6 weeks of radiation and another 8 months of Herceptin to go.

Thank you, Pastor Eugene and Minhee, for coming to the hospital to pray before surgery.  I never expected to see you folks at 6 a.m. and feel very very grateful.  God is good, and you both are amazing.

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