Assailed By Words

(I wrote this one during college but stumbled across it this morning cleaning files…this was the days before computers were everywhere, there was 24/7 news and STILL it seemed we were being accosted by words at every turn…)

The world is full of many words, their voices crying to be heard

Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they moan –

It makes you want to be left alone!

It’s hard to think and understand

:neath the constant input that’s at hand.

You wonder why it must all be aid –

Does it really matter or just clutter your head?

There’s words to read, to sing or prayer.

There’s words that will not go away.

You type them, CRUSH them, SHOUT them or mail them-

You try to deny that you feel assailed by them…

It takes so much energy to let them in –

To sort then, respond to them or comprehend.

Why won’t the words just go away

or at least slow down-is there THAT much to say?

Teresa Norman 1977

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