A Momma’s Courage

The quiet young woman stood on my front porch

One evening as I came home

Dog walking beside me.

He little son was playing in the grass.

She was approaching the home of a stranger

Asking if we would give her shelter

A friend of hers had seen our trailer in the yard…

Knew no one was living in it…

Apple translate (love it or hate it) was our new friend –

She showed me how to find the program

So we could bash a hole in the language barrier

And give us a space to peek through at a path to walk together

I woke my husband to join the conversation

He got a neighbor to help translate

And suddenly, we had a temporary new neighbor

Who would have a place to sleep for a few weeks.

Our new friend has moved on

But my respect for her courage remains.

To leave your homeland with nothing but hope…

A very hard journey behind her and ahead of her as well.


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