Update on Refugee Rice Crisis

The information below is taken from the web site of the Thai Burma Border Consortium: (the folks that provide food to the 130,000+ refugees in the camps on the border).  They sent an appeal in May for funds, and here’s how the response that came followed:

TBBC launched this appeal on 30th May when it was almost USD 7 million short of funds to feed the refugees in 2008. Cuts to refugee rations looked almost inevitable and the target set was baht 1.6 million by 30th June (USD $50,000, EUR €32,000, GBP £25,000).

The response was tremendous; the appeal reached its target on time and donations have continued to come in, passing baht 2.67 million (USD $79,000, EUR €53,000, GBP £42,000) by 26th August.

As anticipated, this appeal created a positive fund-raising environment and encouraged other institutional donors to respond. Based on current rice prices and refugee numbers we now expect to be able to fully meet the basic refugee food basket cost at least through 2008.

The appeal will remain open since the challenge of feeding the refugees will continue into 2009 when we will have to face a whole year of high food prices. TBBC expresses its sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed.

Interested in supporting other initiatives within our programme? Please visit our gift catalogue.

Examples of how you can help

THB 300 ~ US$ 10
~ € 6 ~ UK£ 5
Provides rice for one
refugee for one month
THB 1,800 ~ USD 60
~ € 36 ~ UK£ 30
Provides rice for
one refugee for six months


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