Raising Funds for Food

Mae Ra Mo Bible SchoolIt’s harder to ignore a news story or a set of uncomfortable facts when it’s about people you’ve met in places you’ve been.  It becomes personal, not theoretical.  When I asked Steve (World Aid director) today, what would be the best use of any funds raised through a joint benefit some friends from the Quest Life Together Group are sponsoring May 9th, he had an answer ready.  “There are 100 Bible School students at Mae Ra Moe camp who need money for food.  Rations have been cut again through Thai Burma Border Consortium due to lack of funds.  What would it take to feed them?  


The bare minimum:
1 person per 30 days:

1 tin of rice  400 baht,

 salt, fish paste, lentils 400 baht =  Total 800 baht
(present exchange rate = 34.87 to the $) = $22.94 per person per month                  

That’s not much, if you have it.  If you don’t, it’s a lot.

Mother Theresa said, “If you can’t feed everyone, feed one.” 

(Pictures were from a trip to that camp in 2003 where we got to attend a Bible School graduation at Ma Rae Mo.  Many of the graduating students were going back into Burma to bring hope and encouragement to their people).

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